Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Suppliers List for Jewellery & Lampwork Components

I enjoy sharing information and always hope that I can be of help to a few of my readers. I've added a list here of suppliers I have purchased from and others I have found in my research but not as yet become a customer.

Conso Cord - (USA)

Swarovski Crystals - (USA)

Sterling Silver Wire - A & E Metal Merchants (Australia)

Sterling Silver Wire - Monster Slayer (USA)

Gemstones - My Beads (Australia)

Gemstones - Bead Needs (Australia)

Gemstones - Gem Mall (USA)

Lampwork Bead Presses - Catt Walk (USA)

Jewellery Displays - Jewelry (USA)

Jewellery Displays - Blingin Pty. Ltd. (Australia)

Leather Cord - Leather Cord USA

Renaissance Wax - Conservation Resources (USA)

Japanese Seed Beads - (USA)

Japanese Seed Beads - Over the Rainbow (Australia)

If you have suppliers that you feel should be added to my list, please let me know.


Dave Robertson said...

Hi, Lorraine,

Thanks for your useful list of suppliers. It's instructive for us USA suppliers to see how often Australians order from our country! BTW, I work for yet another supplier, Rings and Things (it's in case you're intersted in checking us out).

Best wishes from

at Rings & Things

Glass and Splinters said...

Hi Dave, thanks for your comment. Rings and Things are definitely a reputable company that have been established for many years. Us Aussies in the jewellery industry purchase a lot of our needs from the U.S. You have a much wider variety and price range to choose from.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list Lorraine. I don't often order from the US. How do you find the shipping prices?

Glass and Splinters said...

Hi Tasha, sometimes the shipping can be a bit hefty, but even factoring this cost in many purchases are still less expensive than buying from Australia.