Friday, September 12, 2008

The Jeweler's Directory of Decorative Finishes

The Jeweler's Directory of Decorative Finishes by Jinks McGrath

This is another excellent book if you are seeking a good source of information on finishing techniques to metal. It begins with the basic tools and equipment which seems to be the norm for all the jewellery related books. It then supplies valuable information on the how-to, samples and exceptional showcase on each section. The areas covered are Stamps and hammering; Rolling-mill texturing; Fusing; Polished, matt and satin finishes; Etching; Patination and oxidization; Casting; Press forming; Reticulation; Gold and silver foil; Granulation; Enameling; Engraving; Inlay; Chasing and repousse. That's a lot of information for one book to cover, and it is done in a very informative and pleasurable manner.

The Enameling section gives a clear run down on many enameling methods and the preparation needed along with the application and firing procedures. Some samples are shown of enameling on sterling silver and copper. A variety of finished pieces are shown in the showcase section

The Engraving section details the technique of working with a graver, shows samples on silver, brass and copper, and once again a unique showcase of some intricate engraved pieces

The Etching chapter takes you through the basic technique of acid etching and touches on photoetching. Illustrates samples of etched copper, silver and brass. Has a diverse range of pieces in the showcase

Another page in the Etching Section

This section covers the technique of polished, matt and satin finishes. Step by step on how to obtain a high polished surface; how to texture a surface to give a matt finish; how to combine the two techniques of highly polished and matt finishes to achieve a good satin finish. Samples of these finishes on silver, copper and brass. Another stunning showcase

If you are lucky enough to have a rolling mill, something that has been on my wish list for 10 years now, this section covers many different styles of texturing from utilising materials such as feathers, dried leaf, etc. A nice mixture of samples on copper, brass, silver and gilded metal. Featuring another exceptional gallery of finished pieces

This is definitely not one of those books you will look at on one occassion and put back on the shelf never to look at again. It's very inspiring and so many drool worthy glossy photos.

I've checked out Amazon and they have this book available at the moment for $16.49.

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