Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Do You Know Where This Fountain is Situated?

Thank you Steph, for answering my plea for help of where this wonderful fountain/statue is situated - TEXAS. I'm sending some of my lampwork beads to you.

I have just found this photo of a stunning fountain, but unfortunately there wasn't any information about it. Can anyone tell me where this is located? If so, please leave the details in the comments and I will send you some of my lampwork beads as a thankyou!

I've been busy creating lampwork beads ready to add to my website at the end of the week. I thought I would just give you a little sample of one of the items -


SC Steph said...

Hey Lorraine!!! I believe I found your fountain . . . Irving, Texas . . . I'll pm a link to you . . .

Glass and Splinters said...

Thank you Steph! I hope you have your beads by now.