Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Etsy Store

I opened an Etsy Store late last year and have been a little sporadic with adding new listings. I have found Etsy to be an extremely difficult and very time consuming market to enter. There are thousands of items listed every day and it is very easy to be lost in the sea of listings in a matter of a minute. I have also spent time participating in the forums to try and promote my store, even that I have found quite frustrating. There is so much participation, unless others add to your thread it is lost within moments. I'm not one to give up so I am going to continue and see if I can find the magic recipe to be successful in Etsy. If I find any great tips I will send them your way. I will be adding a couple of new items each day as this is definitely the best way to be seen. Adding a group of items one day and nothing for another week or so definitely does not work on Etsy.

The photos above are today's listings. I have made them as 13mm / 1/2" lentil shaped lampwork beads which are ideal for earrings. I make my own earrings, this is a very simple pair I've made from fine silver, and they look so attractive. Just melt a ball at the end of the fine silver wire. I've used a metal rod to bend the wire over then using pliers just bend a small piece at the end. Then I hammer the bent section which makes the ear wire 'springy'. Finally I put them in a tumbler with steel shot and a teaspoon of polishing compound to bring them to a shine and it also leaves the otherwise soft fine wire to a more rigid state.

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