Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Making Metal Jewelry by Joanna Gollberg

As I am about to begin another new chapter in my working life of experimenting with aluminium, I need to research different options of connecting the metal other than soldering. I came across Making Metal Jewelry written by Joanna Gollberg, at my local library - ah yet another to add to my wish list.

If you are interested in creating metal jewellery but would like to do it without the need to solder then I'm sure you will find this book of great interest.

Front Cover

Back Cover

Etched Copper Earrings

Geometric Bracelet

Layered Cuff Bracelet

The book covers a generous 21 projects with a vast array of pieces with the emphasis on rivets for the main type of cold connections. Most of the projects entail a great deal of sawing, but the end results seem worth the effort. What impresses me the most with the contents of this book is the variety of intriguing pieces, they are far from the everyday run of the mill styled projects. They are very creative and I found them to be very inspirational.


Ruth said...

Lorraine, This looks like a perfect book to add to my library. I need some additional inspiration to get my metal working bench in place. Hate the sawing, but really enjoy the riveting, tube and texture work. Thanks for exposing me to this.

Glass and Splinters said...

I'm glad it's inspired you Ruth, it really does have some interesting designs and methods.

Ruth said...

Stopped at Barnes & Noble and wonder of wonders they had her book. I'm now the proud owner!


Glass and Splinters said...

That's great Ruth, hope you bought it at a good price, I just ordered a copy from Amazon last night, $10.17!!