Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Scilla Speet Earrings

'Aluminium Leaf Earring' by Scilla Speet

Scilla Speet is one of the many artists included in 'The Earrings Book' by Yvonne Kulagowski. Scilla's work is very unique, and she participates in experimentation with others in different fields. This particular pair I have shown here are made with aluminium on a non woven fabric with a technique known as PVD - physical vapour deposition. Scilla has collaborated with Dr Frances Geesin, Senior Research Fellow at London College of Fashion who works with different applications to enhance textiles, in this case it is a process of metallizing fabrics.

Physival Vapor Deposition is a process whereby a thin film of material (in this case, Aluminium) is deposited on another layer by way of 1) the aluminium is converted into vapor by physical means 2) the vapor is transported across a region of low pressure from its source to the layer and 3) the vapor undergoes condensation on the layer to form the thin film.
Here you will see an example of a PVD Evaporation System.

Viewing these earrings made from such a totally different process, really gets the mind ticking over. It is definitely what I would class as thinking outside the box, to approach someone in a totally different field and succeed in a concept that collaborates the knowledge of both fields to produce something totally unique. Defintely food for thought, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Too often the 'delicate' touch in earring design is forgotten. I feel that many earrings are distractions rather than complementary adornments. These are beautifully subtle understatements. Brian A.

Glass and Splinters said...

Well said Brian. These particular earrings are wonderful examples of 'delicate'.