Friday, May 23, 2008

Brian Despain - A Very Talented Artist

I'm enjoying 'discovering' so many artists with wonderful talent and Brian Despain is no exception. His art stretches the imagination and I find myself searching every detail knowing I will find something I hadn't noticed at first glance. I found his descriptions of his art were as creative as his actual paintings, he had me thoroughly entertained for way too long! From someone who was not familiar with his work, I have studied his art and thought how would I recognize the paintings as being that of Brian Despain . He does have defining subject matters such as his robot series, but one thing I found to be common in most of his work is his style of painting the cloudy sky, it seems to be a stand out feature (albeit in the background) of the majority of his creations. Wonderful work! I hope you admire it as much as I have.

'The Second Leviathan'

'The Dream'

'Tales From A Tin Can'

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