Wednesday, May 28, 2008

'Chain Mail Jewelry' by Terry Taylor & Dylon Whyte

I must admit I have only made one project from this book, but that in no way reflects on the quality of this book (it's purely my laziness). I had never used the method of chain mail, and now have great admiration for those who do, as it is not as easy as it looks! In saying that, I do believe this is an excellent book. Beautifully presented with excellent coloured photos. The step by step instructions are well written with very helpful illustrations. 144 pages with a hard cover and classy presentation, complete with a gallery of stunning pieces. This book includes 12 projects for the beginner; 8 projects in the intermediate section, followed by 9 projects for the advanced. Here are photos of a few of the projects offered -

Braided Bracelet Page 98 'Advanced' This project involves making 3 seperate strands of chain mail and then braiding them

Diamond Chain Mail Earrings Page 111 'Advanced' A geometric design using rings with an inner dimension of 2.4mm

Rain Earrings Page 122 'Advanced' Flat chain mail interspersed with pearls

Mobioused Rosettes Bracelet Page 48 'Beginner' A variation of European 4-1 chain mail

Sprialing Chain Page 57 'Beginner' A stunning chain made from 2 different sizes of jump rings

Hana-Gusari Bangle Page 77 'Intermediate' An alternating design attached to a silver bangle

Lace Mail Cocktail Collar with Pearls Page 83 'Intermediate' Made from 3 sizes of jump rings ending in dainty pearls

I would thoroughly recommend this book. The instructions are so well written and illustrated, it doesn't leave you in the middle of a project wondering what direction to go in next. Enjoy and have fun!

This is my anklet chain I made using the project from 'Chain Mail Jewelry'

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