Monday, May 12, 2008

Would you like some free Lampwork Beads?

We have a winner.......congratulations Barb! It is a photo of garlic skin.

It's time for my first blog contest. This is a mystery photo, and all you have to do to win some of my handmade lampwork beads is to have a guess at what it is by using the comments button.
For a larger view, click on the photo. I will let you know via the comments if you are close and maybe give a hint if I feel it's necessary. The first to guess correctly will be the winner.

I've added a few of my latest beads fresh out of the kiln.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lorraine,
I'll be the first to take a stab at the mystery photo - and try for the beads.....
I'm thinking the photo is a close up of a flower...
Am I close?
Tasha aka prettygirl71

Glass and Splinters said...

Thanks Tasha. You are warm, it is a plant but not a flower.

Barb Kellogg (Avon, MN) said...

Garlic skin...hmmm, if I'm right, not sure how you'll contact me. (Yes I'm being optimistic!) I am on file as buying beads from you and subscribe to your newsletter -- love the blog, btw.

Glass and Splinters said...

Good reason to be optimistic Barb, you are correct! I have contact info for you, will be in touch shortly.