Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Some of my Favourite Lampwork Beads

Orson Welles was born today in 1915, he would have been 93, happy birthday Orson!

I have added the StumbleUpon button to my website today. If you enjoy my Lampwork Bead website it would be great if you could let StumbleUpon know!

My blog is only in it's early stages, but I would appreciate any comment you may have. If there is something in particular you would like me to add, please let me know.

Today I am adding here some of my favourite beads I have made in the past, yes it's time to give myself some accolade!


Anonymous said...

I love your lampworked beads! I have added you to my favorites on del.icio.us and will give you a thumbs up on Stumble. I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Glass and Splinters said...

It's lovely to know that my beads are appreciated. Thankyou for including me in your favourites and giving the thumbs up on Stumble.

Hawley Studios said...

Gorgeous Work!! Love those beads! :)

Glass and Splinters said...

Thank you hawley studios, I enjoy my work and hope it shows!