Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Latest Jewellery and Beads

I enjoy weaving intricate pieces such as this one -

One of the galleries that display my work had asked for more of my pieces and if I could include something simpler. This is the necklace, still using the finger weaving technique but as you can see a much simpler design. I have woven in coral and lapis lazuli, then seed beaded a section and finished with one of my handmade lampwork beads as the focal point. I have named this particular piece 'Coral Reef'

I have made a couple of mini lampwork sets this week -
This particular set was created on a rich blue and turquoise base with droplets of fine silver.

The set is simple but stylish with slivers of fine silver over a black base


Hawley Studios said...

Very nice work. Love the necklace! :)

Glass and Splinters said...

Thank you! I achieve great enjoyment out of making these.