Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Bracelets and Lampwork Beads

I had a request from one of the galleries that carry my work to create some bracelets for their next exhibition.

'Tropical Cocktail' comes to mind when I look at this bright woven bracelet. I have finger woven gemstones such as turquoise and sodalite, together with my handmade lampwork beads in blues, apricot, yellow and red with contrasting Japanese seed beads in between. This would be ideal for any season, bright and sunny for the summer months, and so uplifting for those cold winter days.

Turquoise and black, a beautiful combination giving a cool mediterranean feel. Once again finger woven, combining gemstones, crackle glass and cat's eye beads with my handmade lampwork beads and Japanese seed beads giving an extra dimension.

'Torrid Zone' - A land between tropics which I feel amply describes this set of my handmade lampwork beads. Fine silver on ivory depicting arid parched soil with surrounding turquoise pools.

'Cottage Garden' - Sweet violet blooms feature on this lentil lampwork bead over a base of black with a subtle green vine, together with 2 etched violet round beads.

'Silver Mine' - Veins of fine silver running through a base of amber and cinnamon. Complete with 2 round pale amber lampwork beads with an etched finish.


Ruth said...

Lorraine, I just found your blog and what fun. Mostly, I had to tell you that I LOVE the bracelets. They are wonderful!

Glass and Splinters said...

Thank you Ruth, so glad you like them, they are a lot of fun to make.