Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Creative Silver Chains by Chantal Lise Saunders

Creative Silver Chains is another book in my collection which I would thoroughly recommend. It begins with an overview of how-to's for soldering, drilling, ring forming, etc. with a wonderful collection of unique jewellery pieces on each and every page. It covers a section on design and is complete with a beautiful gallery of amazing creations. This book gives clear instructions on 20 projects in sterling silver for a necklace or bracelet and all include instructions for matching earrings. If you enjoy soldering and forming you will love this book. It covers some very unique links that I haven't found in other books.

'Teardrop' Page 72

'Demi-Circle' Page 77

'Joined Snakes' Page 85

'Paddle' Page 91

'Square Scale' Page 94

'Butterfly' Page 98

'Bubble' Page 103

This is a necklace I made using the links from 'Teardrop' and my handmade lampwork beads

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