Friday, June 20, 2008

New Necklace and Lampwork Beads in Progress

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was planning to follow a weekly challenge list chosen by a jewellery forum. I am not joining in the challenge on the forum but am doing my 'own' thing. Last week's challenge was 'Cambodian Culture', and as we all are aware the internet is a wonderful research tool. I discovered that each year in Cambodia the Water Festival is celebrated in either October or November at the time of the full moon. The festival celebrates the flow of the Tonle Sap River and gives thanks to Mekong River for the supply of fish and irrigation of their land. Taking all that into account I have worked on the 'water theme' in my new project in progress.

Firstly, I wanted to start with a sterling silver chain section depicting ponds of water. I found in 'Silver Wire Jewelry' book a tutorial for Webwork, which inspired my thinking process. With some alteration these pieces could become my ponds. I wanted a more freeform shape than in the book, they made their shapes by coiling the wire and pulling it out then forming the shape and joining them by hooks. I instead formed the 1.2mm (16g) sterling silver wires into rings, soldered them, then using my round nose pliers I free formed the curves. The webwork is then accomplished by using 0.5mm (24g) of fine silver and wire wrapped on the shaped piece and woven through. Instead of this I used 0.5mm sterling silver, wire wrapped to the shape and just placed one piece across and before wire wrapping the other end added an aqua crackle glass bead to represent the colour and texture of water.

I desired my centre piece to be very reminiscent of a sparkling pool, and have made this focal lampwork bead adding a sparkling aventurine green glass and silver foil which shimmers through a translucent teal.

Reverse Side

Of course it wouldn't be complete without some more of my water themed lampwork beads to add to my usual bubbling over feel. These will all become a part of a woven finish to my piece.

So stay tuned for the completion, I'll have photos for you next week.

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