Monday, June 16, 2008

Take Your Jewellery Photos to Print

I was reading a forum discussion recently regarding designing a jewellery portfolio at Blurb where the book is printed with a cover of your choice and then shipped to you.

A post was added from Dianne Baron who had created a book with Blurb, and seemed happy with the results. There is an added feature where you are able to add your book to the Blurb Bookstore for sale which is what Dianne has done, so you are able to view a sample of her book.

There are also reviews added to Mike DelGaudio's blog. If you read the comments there are a lot of conflicting reviews, and a suggestion that the quality may have been downgraded since the review was first written in 2007.
On the other hand, this thread gives a review of all the types of books available and just received in the past week.

After researching the subject there are a numerous amount of sites available offering this service, such as Lulu; Shutterfly and MyPublisher

I have been very inspired by the availability of this service and the reason for Dianne Baron's printed book. Dianne is a member of a forum who organizes a weekly challenge for their members. They are given a theme and have a week to create a jewellery piece with the theme in mind as inspiration. Dianne participates in these challenges, hence the book covering her year of work of jewellery challenge themes. I'm hoping to take on these themes as a challenge to myself, I'll let you know of my progress.

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