Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Cellini Spiral Project

I enjoy making my woven pieces a great deal and am constantly searching for inspiration to make them as unique as possible. I'm also very keen to teach myself as many different methods of weaving to incorporate into my pieces. My latest brainwave was to learn Cellini Spiral. Now I made a promise to myself that if anything involved a needle and thread I would quickly run in the opposite direction, as my attempts of sewing and knitting have failed miserably in the past. Given that Cellini Spiral involves a needle and nymo thread, I decided to take the plunge regardless.

I searched the internet for instructions and settled on printing out the instructions from 'Need for Beads'. The start on this type of weaving always throws me into confusion so hence it wasn't the tidiest beginning. I thought I would show you what I have done so far, keeping in mind this miniscule amount of work has taken me many hours, an extremely slow process.

I have woven it fitted onto a biro, I found it so much easier to hold while working, this way. I have left a tail thread to enable it to be attached to the necklace

a close up of the weave

This will be the focal lampwork bead

I'll keep you up on my progress with this project. Fingers crossed it will be a success!

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