Monday, June 30, 2008

My Necklace is ready for Viewing!

After working out the components for this piece and showing you all last week, to my great disappointment I found 2 of the strands of pearls had holes that were too small to thread onto my weaving cord. I had made the focal bead to go with the colours of the pearls so had to do a frantic search for beads in similar hues. Luckily I found just enough pearls to go with the strand I could use, but I didn't have any in the copper colour I had planned on designing with. I decided to bring the copper in with some Swarovski crystals I had, and I think considering all the hiccups it has come together well. I like the extra sparkle the crystals have added without being over the top in the bling department.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty Detail

So what do you think, the sudden change to crystals has still given me the colour affect I was after. Another lesson learnt, always check the hole size before planning ahead.

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