Friday, June 6, 2008

Give Away - Your Choice of Lampwork Beads

Winner has been Announced

I would like to give away a pair of my lampwork beads to a lucky winner. All you need to do is visit my Mix 'N Match section on my website and browse through the 3 pages and select the bead you would like. Add to the comments here the bead you have chosen (the beads all have an item number). All the entries will go into a draw to pick the winner. I will make a pair of your chosen bead for you (ideal for creating earrings with). The winner will be drawn on 22nd June.

Here are a few examples of my mix 'n match beads - there are over 130 to choose from.


Artisan Wire Wrapped Jewelry said...

Saw your post on, the choice was nearly impossible!

But, if I positively have to pick a favorite, it has to be mm119


Hope you drive LOADS of traffic to your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful beads...I like MM25

(mostly lurker on Starving Artists)

Teresa said...

I've got some great aqua chalcedony coming my way and I think they might go great with that one would be my choice.


Silver Mist Studios said...

I LOVE ALL OF THEM! But... If I have to choose ONE...


NHBeader said...

Saw your post on SA! 130 gorgeous beads and pick one???? I've been looking at them so long, I'm surprised your web host didn't charge me rent! To pick one of so many beauties is tough - but after going through the pages a zillion times, I picked MM10.
NH Bead Addict (Linda)

Glass and Splinters said...

Thanks for taking the time to choose, and good luck to you all!

Crystal said...

Lovely... I think my favorite is mm20!

Midnight said...

Hiya, saw your post on SJA. I'm new to that site and go by Midnight.

Oh my... decisions decisions! It's sooo hard to pick just one, so I made my daughter pick. LOL She really likes mm10 and mentioned making mother/daughter pendants with them. :D

Caelestis said...

Wow, what a selection!
I had to go look at your other beads too, and I'm blown away by your African mask beads!

My favorite of the mix/match beads is mm26.

--Kathy (Caelestis on SJA)

Anonymous said...

I saw your post on SJA as well. I'm sort of a newbie - bevsueden. If I have to pick, since I wear a lot of black and white, I think I would like MM29. I'm going to bookmark your site and check it often. Your work is beautiful!

Tasha said...

My choice (on behalf of my sisters' birthday present!!) is
You know the saying "Blue and green should never be seen" - my sis doesn't care much.
As always, your work is gorgeous Lorraine.

Glass and Splinters said...

Kathy - Glad you like my African Bead Masks, they are fun to make, each seem to have their own personality.
Thanks for all your kind comments.
Tasha - Blue and green looks great together in glass!

Just another week to go - good luck everyone

javelinagirl said...

This was not an easy choice, like going into 31 Flavors on a hot day and picking only one flavor of ice cream. Only worse, because at least they just have 31 flavors, not 135! But I persevered and I furthered, and came up with mm04. Thank you for this opportunity!


Glass and Splinters said...

Thanks Elen, I hope going through all that will be worth it!