Thursday, June 26, 2008

What will my next Lampwork piece be?

It's time to begin another necklace project. I have all my components, but not a planned direction to follow. So this evening I will cut all my threads, sit down with all my goodies and see what transpires. Here is what I have to work with -

3 strands of pearls

Lampwork spacer beads and the toggle bead

A very organic styled lampwork focal bead

Japanese seed beads

Hopefully I'll have something finished in the next couple of days!

Now on a totally different topic-

I work on an emac computer, and for the last week or so I was having a problem where each morning when I switched on my computer I'd receive a message to say that my date and clock had reverted back to pre 1980. I'd go into my system preferences and alter the date and clock which was always set on 1/1/1970, lock my preferences in and then repeat this procedure the following morning. Now I have been trying to conserve electricity and when I turn my computer off at night I also turn it off at the wall plug. This I now have discovered is a big no no! After doing some research I discovered that the date/clock function actually works off the power of a PRAM battery. When the computer is switched off but not at the plug it still receives enough current to keep the charge in this battery, but as soon as the plug is switched off the battery starts to drain, and eventually becomes flat. It is functioning properly now as it seems I caught the problem before it flattened the battery. Now I'm quite sure not all computers work with a PRAM battery, but many do, so the moral of this story is Don't turn your computer off at the wall plug!

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