Monday, June 9, 2008

The Results of my Cellini Spiral Project

I made my lampwork beads ready to use in my cellini spiral creation -

I chose the seed beads and gemstones that I thought would best go with the colour scheme -

I made my second cellini spiral, giving me two equal lengths to work with -

I began with making the toggle and loop with the finger weaving method, then added a section of seed beads, gemstones and my lampwork spacer beads. I put all the threads down through the cellini spiral tube and sewed each end using the nymo thread I had left as tails. Continued with my finger weaving....and here is the finished project -

What do you think - a successful project? I'm personally very happy with the outcome and have named it 'Persian Garden'


Jewelry Making said...

That is absolutely beautiful! It looks like a labor of love. I'm not sure I would have the patience. How long did it take you?

Glass and Splinters said...

Thank you! I didn't actually take note of the time I spent making this piece but I would say approx. 15 hours. I thoroughly enjoy making my wearable art!